Car Rebate Credit Cards

Since our gas prices have been so high these days it is good to know that there are car rebate credit cards that can help with some of those gas and car repair needs. There are many rebate cards to choose from and they all have some perks that are good for you.

For many people car repairs are one of those expenditures that take up a lot of their budget. This can be helped with a car rebate credit card. The normal things that you purchase for the car will get a boost from the credit card programs and you will save.

With some of these cards you get back an amount that you can use the next time you lease or purchase a vehicle. Wouldn’t that be nice to be able to do? That will save money in your pocket over time.

These cards are helping a lot of people. As an example, many college students are earning money to buy a new or used car by using the Citi Driver’s Edge Credit Card that is specifically designed for them. 

They are able to use it towards maintenance on their car expenses, for gas cards and even to buy or lease a car when necessary. All they have to do is check their statement when it comes in with their bill and they can find out how much has been given to them. This card will help them reduce the cost on a truck, SUV or any other vehicle they might need in the future.

There are other car rebate credit cards that give you cash back on your purchases. A good example of this one is the Discover Open Road Card. You will receive 5% back any time you take your car in for maintenance. With this car your gas prices will go down because you get a discount by using the card.

If you just want something out of the ordinary and you are a fan of Nascar, you might be interested in the Nascar Race Points Platinum Plus card. This one gives you rebate points towards the Nascar Ride-Along with Richard Petty and you also get access to the Red Carpet area where you can be a member of the crew for the day.

If you are wondering why these cards offer rebates towards car purchases it is because the major credit card companies have partnerships with the various car manufacturers. Today, most of the car manufactures offer the car rebate credit cards in the hope that you will buy a new car from them if you are using their credit card.

You can find a card like the Volkswagen Platinum Visa that will help you purchase your next Volkswagen by giving you a 3% cash back in a rebate that you can apply towards a new purchase of any of the cars in the dealership.

This is an interesting concept and many people are taking advantage of this type of card.