Great Deals with Travel Cards

If you are a frequent flyer you probably already know about travel rebate cards. If you are not you might find that using them even when you only travel a small amount, can be to your benefit.

There are basically three ways to use travel deals: frequent flyer points, airline miles and frequent flyer miles. Each words a different way but can be used for your benefit.

Airline Miles Credit Cards

These cards bring the best benefit to you for using your flyer miles because they give you more flexibility in the way you can redeem your points than other cards. However, it is a good idea to read what they do because some may not be as good a deal as your frequent flyer credit cards.

These cards will give you points instead of miles and you can redeem them across a spectrum of the airlines. You are not restricted to one particular one and they will allow you to redeem them for free airline tickets or other products that are relate to travel.

You will also find that these travel cards will give you discounts with travel packages, free car rentals and free stays in hotels. Some will actually give you cash back to reward you for using them. Check the fine print to see the benefits of your particular card.

Frequent Flyer Credit Cards

These are the ones that most people are familiar with because most airlines offer frequent flyer miles. These are given by the airlines and allow you to earn miles from the airline you fly with most frequently or with their partners. You will be earning as you make everyday purchases which means you will earn free tickets faster.

When you are offered one of these cards read the fine print because they always come with a very attractive offer that you may not want to refuse. As an example, some of them give you enough points to earn a free ticket right away.

The best travel cards in this category are those that reward points at a rate that they give you enough points to get a bonus trip right away. Most cards only give you enough to get you a third of the way to a trip. Check also to see where the flights go to make sure they they go to areas where you go most often.

Travel Reward Card Credits

The last way to receive travel discounts is through travel reward credit cards.  These basically are cards that let you earn free hotel stays. They may give you some other benefits like frequent flyer miles or really good deals on travel related products.

The nice thing about these is that the purchases you make everyday go towards your travel rewards and some give you a free airline trip when you accumulate 15,000 miles. This is a very low amount of miles compared to some of the other types of cards.

Travel card make the best companion to some of your other credit cards once you have done a little research.