The Right Credit Card for Every Situation

Getting credit card offers in the mail have become so frequent that most people throw away the envelopes. Also credit cards get a bad reputation because most people do not understand how they work. 

With all the opportunity for credit you might be wondering what type of card is best for you and your situation. We can tell you that there is a credit card for your situation, no matter what the circumstances.

Best Credit Card Choices for People with Great Credit

If you have great credit the sky is the limit in terms of what you can get but you should still check your APR and make sure you are getting the best deal. You basically will get the red carpet treatment anywhere you go because there will be no annual fees, no participation fee and you will get some type of rewards program. Look for the ones that offer you the highest percentages in cash back rewards. These are great cards if you spend a lot because you will get more rebates if you do.

Best Credit Card Choices for Students

When you first go to college you are going to get all kinds of credit offers but do not be fooled. Some of them are great and other ones should be left by the wayside. Look for the cards that offer a low interests rate and no annual fee. When you look at the rewards they offer, make sure they are ones that you can use.

Best Credit Card Choices for People with Poor Credit

If you currently have no credit or bad credit; do not worry because there is a credit card for you also. Most of the time you will find a card that is either secured or unsecured. These cards can be a benefit if they report to a credit bureau and if you pay on time.

Tips to Pick the Best Card for You

The best way to find the card that is right for you is to think about your circumstances. How often will you use the card? This is the first question because if you are going to use it often, you will want to check into the reward cards that pay you for each purchase. Some of them pay you back at 5% of your purchases and this would be the best if your credit is good and you use it most often.

If you are a student, the same idea applies. Check the interest rates and see if the interest rate goes up after the initial introductory period. Choose the one that has the best rate after the introductory period.

Check the benefits of using the card. Most people do not read the fine print so they miss out on some terrific incentives that add to the value of the card. Read about this in the disclosure information that comes with the card.

Finally check your options because you might find that a bank card or a credit union card has a better rate than some of the offers you receive in the mail.